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2013 Bulldozer Komatsu D65P-12

SKU: 0181230065
Last Update: 2020-07-21
Kondisi Used

Dijual Bulldozer merek Komatsu model D65P-12 tahun 2013, memakai Cabin, Unit ada di Jakarta dan harga Rp. 1,475 Milyar.

Rp. 1,475 M

Technical Specifications

Length W/ Blade 5550.4 mm
Width Over Tracks 3002.3 mm
Height To Top Of Cab 3081.5 mm
Length Of Track On Ground 3285.7 mm
Ground Clearance 512.1 mm
Length W/Blade 4431.8 mm
Track Gauge 2051.3 mm
Standard Shoe Size 950.2 mm
Number Of Shoes Per Side 45
Ground Pressure 27.5 kPa
Number Of Carrier Rollers Per Side 2
Ground Contact Area 6 m2
Number Of Track Rollers Per Side 8
Track Pitch 203.2 mm
Number Of Cylinders 6
Engine Make 2238
Engine Model S6D125E-2
Gross Power 141.7 kw
Power Measured @ 1950 rpm
Max Torque 981.1 Nm
Displacement 11 L
Aspiration Turbocharged
Operating Weight 19310 kg
Fuel Capacity 405 L
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 49.2 L
Engine Oil Capacity 37.9 L
Hydraulic Fluid Capacity 54.9 L
Powertrain Fluid Capacity 45.4 L
Final Drives Fluid Capacity 26.5 L
Operating Voltage 24 V
Alternator Supplied Amperage 35 amps
Transmission Type TF
Number Of Forward Gears 3
Number Of Reverse Gears 3
Max Speed - Forward 6.3 km/h
Max Speed - Reverse 8 km/h
Pump Type Double acting Piston
Relief Valve Pressure 20600.2 kPa
Width 3992.9 mm
Height 1102.4 mm
Capacity 3.7 m3
Cutting Depth 541 mm

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